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Cycle Magic Treks


The Aussie Visitor Experience

Posted on 6 February, 2013 at 16:09 Comments comments (253)
The Visitor Experience Proposition
More than any other destination, the legendary ‘Man fromSnowy River’ Country is an engaging and personal, Magic experience.   With cyclists looking for more than just scenery or pampered relaxation, and seek a unique and authentic experiences.
Victoria’s Murray River High Country will consistently deliver memorable experiences that,
Touch your senses,
Take you off the beaten track,
Meet the Local highcountry folk and experience the Aussie culture and be able to actively learnabout their heritage,
Learn about DifferentLandscapes and wildlife,
This legendary “Man from Snowy River” country offers the key experience that differentiates us from any other destination in Australia.
Visitors can expect to experience:-
-      Australiana
-     Aboriginal History,Heritage and art.
-     Nature
-     Legends
-     Food and wine
-     Journeys
Our journeys are more than just getting from one place to another: they’re about discovering the diversity, the wonders, the vibrant towns, the people and their unique way of life.
The Experience Seeker can enjoy the vast mountain range, the sky, the stars, the pubs; the cattle stations and meet the people that make this uniquely Australian landscape what it is. Encounter and learn about distinctive flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.Visiting quaint villages, and dine in stunning restaurants and cafes or simply eat al fresco sampling local food and wine produce.