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Cycle Magic Treks

Environmental Programs


Cycle Magic Treks as a member of Kosciusko Magic Pty Ltd is not a large company. Rather, we are a group of small businesses and committed individuals who love our country. Over the years we have become aware of the impact that is made on the environment in which we live and work. To ensure that our company does not become guilty of changing the things we hold dear, Kosciusko Magic tour operators have embarked on a broad based environmental initiative to ensure that we play our role as a responsible world citizen.

As such, part of the fee that you (our clients) pay, does contribute directly to our efforts to retain our environment in the way in which we want to share with you. Our decision has been to act both directly on the negative impacts we create through improved operational practices and in partnership with some key governmental agencies in support of their environmental programs. We invite you to review our program and share this with us when you book for that holiday of a life time.

Our Mission

Kosciusko Magic tour operators, operates in some of Australia’s most beautiful places sharing with visitors from Australia and overseas. Much of the attraction for these visitors is to experience the unspoiled and uncrowded landscapes. It is our challenge to ensure that in this sharing of the experience, we will minimise where possible, the impact of our business.

Through the introduction of an Environmental Plan, with valuable input from the staff of the tour operators, we will seek to minimise or eliminate the impact our business has on the environment we live and work in. In doing so we will communicate our philosophy to our staff, our clients and our partners so that they can also be aware of the impact we make in the course of our business. By being aware we can start the education process that will work to minimise this impact.

We recognise the social and cultural interface we have with the community and our goal will be to provide a positive face to the interaction we have with them. Through our interpretation values we will seek to understand and explain the historical and cultural issues that have formed the status quo we deal with today. By our interaction with host communities we seek to provide real benefits to them and improve the relationships between them and the visitor industry.

Behind the words & pretty pictures, what does it all mean?

1. Minimising & Recycling waste

We are seeking to reduce waste generated by our company following a review of our outputs and the implementation of a recycling program. Something you will see on our tours - rubbish, recycling and compost bins. We also recycle scrap paper in-house, and recycle printer cartridges. We only purchase office paper/toilet paper created from sustainable sources and our brochure partnership participation utilizes only paper approved by WWF Australia Forest & Trade.

2. Ecosystem Conservation

Each of our tours that take in treks etc on Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) National Park land pay a per person fee to National Parks. Part of these fees goes to maintaining our national parks, protecting our Forests, waterways and wildlife.

3. Energy Efficiency

We continue to monitor and measure vehicle fuel consumption, undertake driver education and review vehicle maintenance programs to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. At the end of each trip a fuel consumption breakdown is created. This is collated over the season. We are then able to review which vehicles are using too much fuel and which guides are providing model driver behaviour to feature. This monitoring of fuel consumption forms a major component of our vehicle replacement policy.

4. Community Support

Our trips interact with a number of communities and some of these provide the infrastructure that makes our client experience a comfortable one. On the High Country Rail Trail we recognize this and financially support the community. To the Parks Albury/Wodonga Rail Trail Trust we pay a voluntary $5/day per rider we put onto the trail outside of our DSE concession obligation. This is to recognize the business opportunity that the trail provides for us to use. This money goes to the Trust which is used for Repairs and Maintenance.

5. DSE Endangered Species support

As part of our celebrations of the unique wildlife, Kosciusko Magic has announced membership with the Platypus Conservancy programme based out of Melbourne. These Monotreme’s are unique to Australia and are amongst the most threatened of animals. In addition to the Conservatories core sponsorship funding, our donation will grow as patronage on the Alps to Ocean cycleway increases and our per person commitment grows.


The following quality assurance program is no longer administered by the Australian Government. This company will seek accreditation with the established Guiding organisation.

T-QUAL Accreditation

T-QUAL Accreditation is the Australian Government’s quality benchmark for the tourism industry. It is a federal framework that assesses and supports quality assurance schemes, and endorses their members with its national symbol.

This is a quality audit process conducted by a cooperative partnership who is responsible for helping T-QUAL deliver these aims:

A national quality standard, marketed as T-QUAL Accreditation, was introduced to:

  • Elevate and standardise quality to ensure the sustainability of Australia’s tourism industry, and
  • Provide a national symbol that improves the visibility of Australia’s quality tourism experiences and offers consumers and buyers a means of making more informed choices about products and services when travel planning.

A cooperative partnership is responsible for helping T-QUAL deliver these aims:

  • Tourism Australia (TA) is responsible for developing and implementing the T-QUAL Accreditation marketing strategy.

T-QUAL Accreditation is promoted in partnership with State and Territory Tourism Organisations (STOs) and quality assurance schemes.

The audit is very comprehensive and expensive (which may explain why some companies choose not to engage in it). The audit examines virtually every aspect of our company's operation - from safety plans to employment, financial planning to vehicle maintenance. The process is unique to Australia & New Zealand and Kosciusko Magic tour operators are committed to this audit process to ensure the highest of operational standards are delivered to our guests.

Carbon Zero

The Carbon Neutral program assists companies to identify, minimise and offset their carbon footprint. The process involves measuring your carbon footprint so you can understand what your impact is on the global climate. The next step and key focus of the program is to then manage and reduce your greenhouse and gas emissions at source through top management commitment, setting targets and reporting on emissions reduction performance. You then mitigate (offset) your remaining unavoidable emission by purchasing/cancelling verified carbon credits from credible Australian projects. These steps are independently verified by an external auditor before you can make a credible and robust carbon neutral claim using the internationally recognised carbon zero certification mark.

We have chosen not to apply for our certification with the carbon zero program this season but rather to commit to the TQual accreditation program, as we develop and strengthen our environmental program which we believe is inclusive of other areas like waste management, conservation and community involvement.

Green Globe 21

The Kosciusko Magic company and its allied tour operators plan to complete the three stage certification of Australian based Green Globe. This process required us to examine our processes and environmental outputs. Having achieved this milestone our company will integrate the learning’s into our operational policies.

Climate Neutral Network (CNNet)

The Kosciusko Magic company and its allied tour operators supports The climate neutral network (CNNet), an initiative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to assist in catalyzing an international response to global warming at various levels of society.

Your trip payment makes a very positive contribution to retaining the beauty of the landscapes you have come so far to experience.