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Cycle Magic Treks

Rail Trail and Family Tours

“The past is truly a living spirit”, steeped in history

and pioneer stories and legends”

At Cycle Magic Treks we 'almost' understand kids! with families input into the design of this itinerary - the early dinners, shorter cycle sections, and safe cycling on off-road trails. If all else fails, we always have a friendly guide and a support vehicle for help.

Self Guided & Supported Tours

Start your Self Guided tour any day of the year!

One of the good things about our tours is that you can travel at your own pace, and don't have to start at any particular location.

Because some tours are self-guided, you are not restricted to someone else's schedule. Instead you can start and finish your tour any day of the year, subject to availability and tour restrictions. Please refer to each tour for specific exclusions.

Murray Valleys 'High Country Rail Trail'

High Country Rail Trail & Towong Valley Tour

High Country Rail and Murray River Road Trail

Half day Optional a trip to Burrowa Pine National Park:

Half day Optional trip to top of Mt Mittamatite

Murray Valleys 'High Country Rail Trail.

Self Guided & Supported Tours:

If you are looking for an active family holiday in the High Country then the High Country Rail Trail is just perfect! Step back in time to Victoria’s rural past and join us on this cycle delight departing from either Wodonga or Albury or Tallangatta or Corryong.

The High Country Rail Trail, hugging the shoreline of the majestic Lake Hume and stretching from Wodonga to Old Tallangatta is the most recently opened Rail Trail in the North east.

High Country Rail Trail & Towong Valley Tour

Self Guided Tour:

The High Country Rail Trail and Towong Valley Tour is just perfect! Follow the origional early settler route along the Murray River track. The cycle tour is fully supporting departing from either Wodonga or Albury or Tallangatta.

From Tallangatta, cycle the rail trail To Corryong then along the Murray Valley Highway following the upper Murray River to Walwa and Granya, then Back to Tallangatta.

Duration Three to days (Three Nights) Distance 220 Kilometres.

High Country Rail & Murray River Road Trail

Supported Tour:

Our High Country Rail and Murray River Road Trail Tours travel along Australia’s Highest and most spectacular Irish Gauge Trestle Trail, through historic and scenic countryside on cycle trails based on the disused railway corridor. This easy gradient nature rich cycling "experience" with character lodgings are suitable for all level of cyclists.

This Rail Trail Classic is a journey into the past.

Duration Four days (Three Nights) Distance 260 Kilometres.

Add half day All Terrain Mtn Bike Optional a trip to Burrowa Pine National Park. Cycle from Cudgewa Falls to a seeled road to Cudgewa creek on to Cudgewa Town or Combine with a drive to the Pine Mountain (a rock larger than Ayres Rock ) and cycle down the all terrain track of the park then back to Corryong or Walwa.

Duration Half day or Full Day Distance 90 to 110 Kilometres return.

Add half day All Terrain Mtn Bike Optional trip to the top of Mt Mittamatite overlooking Corryong and beyond to Snowy Mountains, Cycle down the gravel road to the Murray River road to Towong then to Corryong.

Duration Half day Distance 70 Kilometres return. 

Fully supported service is available with pure filtered cool water, bike maintenance, safety and first aid, refreshments and host with a vehicle and cycle trailer to transport you and your bike to off the beaten track side treks and back to base.   

  • Start in Albury/Wodonga or Tallangatta, finish in Corryong, Tallangatta or Albury/Wodonga.
  • 3-4 days of cycling on the 150kms of Rail Trail, (note - we recommend a four day trail cycling experience for younger children)
  • Enjoy a high country farm visit or a visit to a The “Man from Snowy River” museum (seriously) or a swim in the local pool!
  • Take a journey to the 2 hour 'not to be missed' Murray One Power Station with its spectacular viaducts and tunnels and a guided tour, watch a show and a snack or lunch at the theatre cafe.
  • Get your fill of local cold climate wines at the Upper Murray Estate and ride to the top of Mt Mittamatite and take in the panorama of the Snowy Mountains and the pretty township of Corryong in the Nariel Valley foreground – Just far enough away from crowded civilisation.
  • Visit world famous Man from Snowy River statue and cross the road to the Pepperleaf restaurant for a coffee and take a Walk/Cycle along the trail and delight in the sight and the sounds of farm animals and the bird life.
  • Spend a night in the townscapes of Walwa or Tintaldra and enjoy a living history of the region at the historic post office and enjoy refreshments by the river.
  • Take a platypus watch or night spotting tour to find the elusive Sugar Glider Possum and nocturnal wombat
  • Our itineraries are flexible, so we can make adjustments during the tour to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.
  • Accommodation is in family-friendly self catering farm houses, lodges or B&B and meals are suited to all ages.

Detailed, full-colour Maps and Ride Notes

Full colour maps are provided for your selected tour, showing the route, distances, points of interest, and a lot of other useful information, such as where is the closest toilet, cafe or playground. Directions are also provided in text to assist with the navigation process, however it is important that at least one participant is able to read maps.

In addition to the maps, you also get information about each day's trip.

This covers things such as:

  • • Altitude profiles
  • • Recommended timings
  • • Emergency contact numbers
  • • Information about the area and points of interest along the way.